As part of our commitment to excellence, Ellen Yack and Associates provides the therapeutic community with yearly workshops presenting topics to further evidence-informed practice.

Our workshop Clinical Assessment and Practical Interventions for Praxis: From Ideation to Execution (Sept 15-17, 2017) with Teresa May Benson, OTR was a success! Our team, as well as many therapists from other practices in Ontario, gained new assessment and treatment tools as well as a greater understanding of the many aspects of praxis dysfunction. 

Stay tuned for workshops in the spring of 2019.....

We post our upcoming workshops on this website as well as our Facebook page. For more information, please like us on Facebook, visit our webpage or email us at to be placed on our email list. 


Ellen Yack and Associates has spoken schools, institutions, professionals, parents and community groups on a variety of topics.  The following professional and parent workshops are a sample of the topics we have presented over the past several years. If you would like us to present to your institution, school, parent group, community group or professional association, please contact us at 416-481-2446 or email




Self-Regulation in the Classroom   (2017 Avon Maitland District School Board)


Sensory Integration Theory: An Essential Lens for Paediatric Occupational Therapy (2017 University of Toronto)


ASD and Sensory Differences (2017 Giant Steps School)


Understanding Self-Regulation and the Zones of Regulation (2017, 2016 Aisling Discoveries Child and Family Centre)


Triggers, Treatment and Tools: A Comprehensive Exploration of Self-Regulation (2016 Toronto)


Understanding Sensory and Motor Challenges Experienced by Children with Hearing Loss (2016 WESS Conference)


Pulling it Together: A Comprehensive Approach to Feeding Challenges (2016, Toronto)


Self-Regulation in the Classroom (2016 Bialek Hebrew Day School)


Sensory Processing and Children’s Mental Health (2016 Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy Paediatric Committee)


Breaking Barriers, Expanding Roles: Sensory Integration Theory and Mental Health (2016 Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists


Understanding the Links Between Sensory Processing, Behaviour and Mental Health (2016 Toronto District School Board, 2015 Aisling Discoveries Child and Family Centre 2015 Hincks Dellcrest Centre)


Screen Time in the Classroom: Let’s Open a Dialogue (2015 The Mabin School)


Understanding the Impact of Sensory Processing Challenges on Classroom Performance

(2015 Avon Maitland District Board of Education, 2015York Region Board of Education)


Agents of Change for Children with ASD (2015 Ontario Society for Occupational Therapists)


ASD and Motor Challenges (2013, Geneva Centre for Autism)


Becoming Detectives: Analyzing Sensory and Behaviour Challenges in Children and Adults with ASD (2013, Halifax, 2014 Winnipeg, Autism Awareness Centre)


Sensory Processing and Challenging Behaviour: Investigating the Links and Developing the Tools to Solve the Challenges (2014 Toronto District Catholic School Board, 2014 Kerry’s Place Autism Services Resource Centre)


Developing a Sensory Lens to Enhance Your Paediatric Practice (2014 Toronto)


Use of Sensory Modalities in Adult Mental Health Settings (2014 Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health)


Understanding Sensory Processing to Foster Self-Regulation and Emotional Control (2014 Child Development Institute-Integra Program)


Utilizing a Sensory Integration Theoretical Framework in Paediatric Practice

(2012 Queens University)


Sensory Challenges and Impact on Behaviour: Insights and Accommodations (2013 Child Development Institute, 2012 Autism Ontario)


Utilizing a Sensory Integration Theoretical Framework in the Home, School and Preschool (2012 Kelowna, British Columbia, 2012 Calgary, Alberta)


Building Partnerships: Exploring OT and SLP Co-Treatment for Children with ASD (2012 Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists)


ASD and the Role of Occupational Therapy (2011 Kidsability)


Sensory Processing and Behaviour: Insights and Accommodations (2011, Perth Community Health Services)


ASD Occupational Therapy Certificate Course (2010, Geneva Centre for Autism)


Sensory Differences and Enhancement of Quality of Life: Understanding Sensory Challenges and Gifts (2010 Geneva Centre)


Sensory Integration: Enhancing our Understanding of all Children (2010 Humber College)


What is a Sensory Diet (2010 Geneva Centre)




Self-Regulation and Social Thinking (2018, Toronto)


Sensory Differences and ASD (2017 Giant Steps School)


Helping Your Anxious Child (2016 Howard Public School)


Supporting Campers: Sensory Tools and Tips (2016 Ontario Camping Association, 2015 Camp George)


Put Away the I-pad and Bring out the Pots and Pans (2014 Toronto)


Tools and Tips from Zero to Six (2012 Toronto)


How to Get Your Child to “Settle Down” (2015 Toronto)


Understanding Picky Eaters (2012 Toronto)


When Sounds and Labels Hurt (2010 Toronto)