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The Third Edition of Building Bridges Through Sensory Integration

Co-Authored by Ellen Yack

Winner of the Summer 2015 Academics' Choice Smart Book Award and Learning Magazine’s Teachers’ Choice Award.

This book offers a combination of theory and strategies. It is a perfect tool for those working with young children, but also broad enough to be adapted for older children and adults. Building Bridges provides creative techniques and useful tips while offering innovative strategies and practical advice for dealing with everyday challenges, including managing behaviors, improving muscle tone, developing social skills, selecting diets, and more.


Auditory-Verbal Therapy for Young Children with Hearing Loss and their Families, and Practitioners who Guide Them.

Ellen Yack as Contributer

Following an evidence-based framework, Auditory-Verbal Therapy: For Children with Hearing Loss and Their Families and the Practitioners Who Guide Them demonstrates how auditory-verbal practitioners work in tandem with the family to integrate listening and spoken language into the lives of the child’s every day life. This is an excellent read for families with children with hearing loss, as well as students and professionals who work with children with hearing loss.

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Children, Youth and Adults with Asperger Syndrome

Ellen Yack as Contributor

Children, Youth and Adults with Asperger Syndrome offers a comprehensive overview of clinical, research and personal perspectives on Asperger Syndrome, including contributions from parents and experts in the fields of psychology, social work, psychiatry, genetics, sexology and vocational counselling.  The broad scope of this book guarantees a wide readership among practitioners, students, parents, young people and adults with AS, educates service providers how to assist people with AS, and suggests a model of interdisciplinary collaboration for administrators and funders.